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Our face is the mirror of our life: the city life, always running, always in a rush. Take care of your face to erase the effects of smog, stress, make-up, and impurities and find again your natural light.


Anti-age facial

  • 1 Facial Cleansing
  • 1  Algy mask facial treatment
  • ​1 Anti age program


Facial lymphatic drainage

A deflating treatment to eliminate the toxins accumulated day after day. A relaxing massage to regain tone, light, and elasticity and erase any traces of tiredness and stress.


Face and body

  • 1 Drainage body treatment with citrus fruit
  • 1 Cleopatra nourishing treatment
  • 1 personalized facial treatments
  • Infusion


Personalized facial treatments with jaluronic acid, or pure collagen

Choose among the treatments with jaluronic acid, and pure collagen. Our offers for men treat skins with specific characteristics and subjected to frequent shavings.


Legs lightening

  • Spa treatment 3 Partial lymph drainages
  • 3 Ice-gel leg bendages
  • Infusion


Exfoliating body scrub

The basic treatment that comes before all the others: it eliminates dead cells and toxins, letting the active principles of the thermal waters, muds, and applied products to easily sink into the skin and provide beneficial effects.

The New Spa Experience body treatment is especially recommended: a remodeling, hydrating, anti-cellulite treatment with can sugar butter scrub, marine salts, and mud enriched with aloe, horse chestnut, poison ivy, and centella asiatica.



  • Spa treatment
  • 1 Body scrub treatment with citrus fruit
  • 1 Therapeutic massage
  • 1 Foot reflexology treatment
  • 1 Facial Cleasing
  • Detox drink


Body contour

Anti-cellulite treatment with thermal mud and drainage massage. To aid drainage we use poison ivy, horse chestnut, and marine oak extracts.



  • Spa treatment
  • 1 Saline scrub with thermal ischia mud
  • 1 Lymphatic drainage with draining bandage
  • 1 anti cellulite massage with firming bandage


Total body firm-up

Firming-tonifying treatment with 30-minute massage with active kigelia oils.


Spend a memorable day with us!

  • Visit to the Aragonese Castle
  • Sensory massage
  • Romantic dinner in the moonlight (on the terrace or by the pool)


Three-phase treatment with legs scrub, partial lymphatic drainage, and gel-drops compress

Specific treatment with leg scrub, partial lymph drainage and application of drainage menthol bandages that provides an immediate sensation of lightness and freshness to tired legs.


Skiff ride around the island

  • Spa treatment
  • Sensory massage
  • Facial treatment with cashmere
  • Local herbs drink
  • Romantic dinner in the moonlight (on the terrace or by the pool)


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